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Lecture Titles

The Bayeux Tapestry – the World’s Oldest Comic-Strip
(Everyone is aware about “1066 and all that” without necessarily knowing the exact facts about this momentous event. This lecture will present in detail the historical, cultural and artistic aspects of that unique masterpiece, the Bayeux Tapestry which provides posterity with such a startling testimonial of peoples’ lives in the late Viking Age.  Whether or not this embroidery will actually be shown in Britain in the early 2020s, this talk is one of my most popular with Arts Societies.)

S  A Taste of German Art through the Centuries
S  Treasures of Spanish Art – from El Greco to Picasso
S American Art – from Dependence to Independence
Expressionism – Emotion versus Intellect (Die Brücke/Blauer Reiter/Kandinsky)
S  Joys of Impressionism
S  The Post-Impressionist Rebellion
The Arts of Bloomsbury and Omega
The Courtauld Collection at Somerset House

Piero della Francesca – Modern Painter of the Renaissance
Dürer – Genius of the Northern Renaissance
Velázquez – Prince of Painters
The Magic of Vermeer
Wright of Derby – Painter of Light
Caspar David Friedrich - Master of German Romanticism
S  Claude Monet - Impressionism’s Greatest Talent
Cézanne – Father of Modern Art
Paul Gauguin – Genius or Madman?
Vincent van Gogh - Emotion in Paint
Seurat ...dot ...dot... dot
Whistler – Symphonies in Paint
S Matisse – Master of Colour
S  Picasso – Giant of Twentieth Century Art
Auguste Rodin – The First Modern Sculptor?
S  Henry Moore – Britain’s Greatest Sculptor

S  The ‘New’ Berlin – Art and Architecture
S Dresden Today – Art and Architecture
S  Munich - Metropolis with a Heart
S  New York, New York – Art and Architecture

S = Study Days

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